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Fundraising Opportunities

Southern Tastes’ delicious peanuts, almonds, and snacks make wonderful fund raising products for your civic, charitable, church, or community group. Call or email us today and we’ll set up a custom fund raising model just for your constituents. Our fundraising platform is simple, creative, low cost, and high impact.

It begins with a custom email template and coupon code that your supporters will use during the promotion. This coupon code and custom email is provided to you by our team, and then shared as often as you'd like in print publications, email communications, on your website, and in targeted campaigns you direct. Then your supporters simply visit our website, enter their own order, and your coupon code when they checkout. A set donation amount per item will be deducted from their order, and sent to your offices monthly after we close the month. You don't have to do any selling, collect any funds, handle any product, or any money.

It's all done through the website! Our delicious products are sent right to your constituents, and the "per can" donation they've purchased is sent right to you!   Contact david@southerntastes.com at Southern Tastes to set up your fundraiser today!