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About Southern Tastes

Southern Tastes was created by our Founders, Tom and David, who grew tired of seeing unpronounceable ingredients and chemicals in the snacks and nut mixes they were serving to their family and friends. After a conversation about "acesulfame-K" and what it was, they decided to see if they could do something about it. A lot of time and effort later, Southern Tastes was born; committed to manufacturing the best tasting nuts and snack mixes possible using only real food, not food science!

This is the way things used to be made, and if not for the food industry's focus on profits, ever increasing shelf life, and cheaper manufacturing methods, still would be. We're out to prove that you can still make great food, with real ingredients, no artificial colors, preservatives, and be a successful business. Try a tin of our peanuts or almonds and see for yourself that the most pronounced flavor comes from pronounceable ingredients.

Our approach is simple, if we can’t pronounce it, we don’t use it.

Our passion for great nuts and the best ingredients drives everything we do. We use the finest Virginia Peanuts, California Almonds, and all natural ingredients like sea salt, evaporated cane juice, real honey, cocoa powder, real vanilla, and natural flavorings to produce our nuts and snack mixes.

Our products are batch roasted in peanut oil, and immediately seasoned and sealed in protective tins with oxygen absorbers to keep air and light from damaging the product. The attention to detail, carefully selected ingredients, and time tested production methods ensure you get the best nuts you've ever tasted. Southern Tastes products are available in mid-atlantic and southeast gourmet shops, and can be shipped anywhere in the continental US from our website.

We believe that pronounced flavor comes from pronounceable ingredients!